Navarte Boats Marine Design Studio is a privately owned business involved in marine design and product development. The Navarte M.V. SMS 23 project is the result of years or research and development in both marketing and technical advances in hull design. The objective was to achieve a faster, more efficient designed motor yacht, and also to use innovative styling and aesthetics in a practical way.    
The patented Wing Tower Control Position (WTCP) and the hull are two points of distinction that set the Navarte design apart from its competitors. They are totally new and unique features to sport fishing boats.  
Navarte M.V. SMS 23 is a 24 metre aluminium mono-hull, offering a choice of two hull designs (SMS and CLC). Both of these hulls have been extensively model tested in the USA.
Our naval architect is Mr. Ken McAlpine of Western Australia. His experience covers high speed motor yachts and since 1974, he has been the Techincal Director in the Americ'a Cup Class Challengers. Mr. McAlpine has played a key role in the project, with Mr. Caldwell of C.G.Z Design Group in the USA, developing both hulls.
Wing Tower Control Position
Vessels ranging from 7 to 70 metres can combine the two hull designs or use the separately. Every project will be extensively model tested to confirm hull performance and power requirements.
The Constant Lift Configuration (C.L.C) hull provides the formula and technology that will increase speed and efficiency by 20-30% for a given length.
Model testing comparison of the two hull designs reveals that to achieve a speed of 45 knots, a boat using the SMS Hull requires V12 motors of 1600hp whereas the same boat using the C.L.C hull could achieve 45 knots and an improved trim angle with V8 motors of 1300hp.
The W.T.C.P patent provides a formula for any given length of boat to have this unique control position, ideally located upwardly and aft over the fishing cockpit at the stem.
Unlike existing tuna/marlin towers, this vantage point gives you a good clear view directly down into the water.